Maximizing The Black-ISO Market


The Summoner Sigil is coming to Marvel Contest of Champions, and love it or hate it (personally I’m ambivalent, how’s that for a hot take), we’re all getting a free trial, so we might as well maximize the benefits. The most intriguing perk of the sigil is the Black-ISO Market, which allows you to trade-in certain items. Let’s breakdown the most appealing trade-in options, so we can make sure to have the needed items on hand during the 7-day free trial, which begins when you update your game to version 24.1, which is expected to drop on August 6.

* Note these recommendations are for Cavalier Level players *

Must Haves:

2,000 4* Shards to 1,000 5* Shards (Limit 3) – Excellent value. Even if all your 4* champs are max sig, you’re still doubling your 5* gain. Cavalier Only.

2 Tier 3 Basic to 1 Tier 1 Alpha (Limit 3) – Convert a resource useless in the endgame to one you’re starved for. Homerun value for both Cavalier and Uncollected players.

2,000 3* Shards to 1,000 4* Shards (Limit 1) – 9x 4* shard return vs pulling a max sig 3* champ.

Recap List to Horde
4* Shards – 6,000
T3b – 6
3* Shards – 2,000

Additional Notes:

While I am not personally a Featured Crystal buyer, there is clear value here, especially if you need a 5* Namor, Cull or Nick Fury dupe (or have an awakening gem). As those are account changing pulls, you’ll want to make sure you have the 11K 5* shards on hand.

The rest of the items/deals are not geared toward Cavalier level players. While the slight discount to the Mastery Cores is nice, you’re better off waiting for the next Mastery Core deal, which historically has been one of the best values in the game.



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